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Working Model Display

ITM Universe , Vadodara

Working Model Display

About Event

  • Only self prepared working models will be allowed for participation from any branch of engineering which will be judged on the basis of engineering principles, aviablility and cost effectiveness basis


Rules and Regulations

1. Commercially Ready-made model will not be allowed in the event.
2. Minimum size of model shall be 30 cm*20 cm*15 cm and Maximum size of model should not exceed 1m*1 m*1 m.
3. Deviation of model from above sizes, if accepted by committee, may be liable to reduction in score.
4. Any number of entries will be permitted from each college. Maximum 4 number of students are allowed in single       group. All correspondence will be done to the group team leader of the group.
5. Teams have to specify in advance –
Title of working model, Abstract of model (technical principle & mechanism), Size of working                             model,Requirement for Electrical/Water connection Cost of working model, Any other special comment
6. Participating group has to submit cost-benefit report OR social impact value.(optional)
7. Organizers reserves all rights for acceptance or rejection of the model and its judgment.

Judging Criteria:(Judges Decision will be final)

1. Dimensions/Aesthetics of model
2. Engineering Principle Explanation.
3. Model Assembling OR Presentation on assembling.
4. Demo of working model.
5. Social Impact value.

Contact Details

Asso. Prof. Suresh. C. Jain


M : 9228503299


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