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Working Model Display

09 Feb 2017
ITM Universe , Vadodara

Working Model Display

About Event

  • Only self prepared working models will be allowed for participation from any branch of engineering which will be judged on the basis of engineering principles, aviablility and cost effectiveness basis


  • Working model can be of any Engineering Branch.
  • Any type Engineering material like wood, concrete, earth material, metals, sensors, etc… will be allowed for preparing model.
  • We will provide only 2 m * 1 m table for display of model.
  • Dimensions greater than above will be given space in open area of our campus. Facilties to carry water and electricity will be responsibility of participent from our outlets.
  • Ready-made models will not be allowed.
  • Design and specifications should be submitted well in advance either in person or through E-mail.
  • In case of any dispute decision of the jury will be final.

Rules and Regulations

  • Model should be working based on engineering design criteria.
    Ready-made models available commercially will not be allowed to participate.
  • Registering teams will have to submit following information either through
    mail or in person.⦁ Title of working model
    ⦁ Brief Information about model
    ⦁ Size of working model
    ⦁ Area needed for display of operation
    ⦁ Requirement for Electricity/water connection
    ⦁ Any other extra need
  • Max 3 Entries – per collage. Maximum 4 students are allowed in one group.
  • Organizers will provide the following facilities upon request.⦁ Water supply
    ⦁ Electric supply
    ⦁ Table (size: 1m X 2m)
    ⦁ Extra space if needed
  • Organizers will not provide material required for model construction,
    manpower and reimbursement of any expenditure.
  • Participating group has to submit Cost-benefit analysis report (Optional).
  • Organizers reserves all rights for acceptance or rejection of the model and its judgement.

*Rules may subject to change.

Contact Details

1 Suresh Jain  :-9228503299
2 Yesha Desai Assi :-7878581299
3 Mihir Shah  :- 9016788890