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About Event

This event comprises of three levels, in which overall evaluation as Civil Engineer is done.

  • 1. Chasseur de trésor (Level: Beginner): Participants will find out different locations (within ITMU Campus) with the help of the clues (Technical & Non-technical) provided and solve the problem assigned at each location. No Elimination will be there. (Open Venue)
  • 2. Land Rover (Level: Survival) : This level requires feasible idea that can help to prepare a Road & Rail transportation system (using colour strips) that will cover all the major locations of a city marked on the drawing sheet (A2 size). The prepared the design will be economical and follows the concepts of smart city. (Closed Venue).
  • 3. Tremor Terror (Level: Combat): Participant is supposed to design and construct one Frame structure model from given material (wooden planks & columns, nut-bolts, door hinges) as per the dimension criteria given in the rules & regulations. The model will be tested on earthquake shaking table.

Facilities By ITMU

Clue Covers, A2 Size sheet, Colour Strips, Fevicol, Wooden Planks, Wooden Columns, Nut-Bolts, Angle Sections for joints, High Laser Beam with Receiver, Drill machine, Cutter, Screw Driver.

Rules and Regulations

For, Level:1 Chasseur de trésor: (No Elimination)

1. Any number of entries will be permitted from each college.

2. Maximum 3 number of students are allowed in single group.

3. All correspondence will be done to the team leader of the group.

4. Maximum 5 clues will be given to each teams.

5. On each successful cracking of clue, team will be awarded with the score.

6. Summation of Score of level: Beginner and level: Survival, will be decide the qualifying teams for level:           Combat.

7. Time Limit: 60 Minutes

8. No elimination will be there.

For, Level:2 Land Rover:

1. An A2 size sheet and set of different colour strips will be provided by organizing committee.

2. No external material will be allowed.

3. Team with small design of Road & Rail with least economical will be qualifying for the next level.

4. Time Limit: 60 Minutes

5. Cost Estimation will be done for each team and scoring will be done by judges.

For, Level:3 Tremor Terror:

1. Combined score of level 1 & 2 will decide the qualifying teams for this round.

2. Any external adhesive will not be allowed.

3. Baseboard will be of size 45cm × 45cm. And the thickness of baseboard will be of 12 mm thickness. Hole on the
shake table are 12mm diameter with 100mm center to center distance.

4. A clearance of 5cm must be left around the edges of baseboard so that the model can be fixed easily on the
Horizontal shake table.

5. Maximum Base dimension of model : 30cm × 30cm

6. Minimum Height of Model : 100 cm

7. Overlapping of frame members are not permitted.

8. Judgement will be based on the Highest resisting power and minimum deflections of the structure.

*Rules may subject to change.

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