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Be an innovator and walk on the lines of change
09 Feb 2019
ITM Universe , Vadodara


About Event

Startup Competition is all about unique ideas and their business plan. The event is in Closed Venue.

Participants have to:

Power Point Presentations (in PDF), Product/Service Diagram / Prototype (Optional)

Eligibility Criteria:

Any Student from Engineering, Technical, Pharmacy, Computers, Science or Management

Rules and Regulations

Round 1: Hook them early Time Limit: 8 Minutes per Team

Judging Criteria: Uniqueness of Concept; Market Potential, Future Prospects

Points to be covered in presentation:

Who’s the founding team?- What’s your USP?

– Market Knowledge

– What existing/potential need does your product/service solve?

– Market Potential (Preferably with financial Projections)

– Is your business idea new/unique?

– Are there existing players (Competitors) in the market? If yes, how are you different from them?

Top 10 Teams will move to Round 2.

Round 2:

What’s your Business Plan?

Time Limit: 20 Minutes per Team

Judging Criteria: Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Production and Operations Plan, HR Plan

Points to be covered in presentation:

– A detailed plan covering Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Production and Operations Plan, HR Plan

Marketing Plan

1. Target Segment
2. Competitors (If any)
3. Positioning
4. Product Mix (Product Prototype- If available)
5. Pricing Strategy
6. Promotion Strategy (Inclusive of Branding Strategy)
7. Sales Strategy
8. Distribution Strategy

Financial Plan

1. Startup Fund Requirement
2. Sources of Funds
3. Break Even Analysis
4. Balance Sheet
5. Income Statement
6. Statement of Cash Flows

Production & Operation Plan

1. Plant and Facilities
2. Manufacturing/Production Plan
3. Equipment and Technology
4. Variable Labor Requirement
5. Inventory Management
6. Supply and Distribution
7. Order Fulfillment and Customer Service
8. Research and Development
9. Capacity Utilization
10. Quality Control
11. Safety, Health, and Environmental Concerns
12. Shrinkage
13. Management Information Systems
14. Other Operational Concerns

Management, HR & Organization Plan

1. Principals/Key Employees inclusive of
a. Title
b. Primary Responsibilities
c. Background, Relevant Work Experience & Expertise
d. Education
2. Sources of Recruitment
3. Organizational Chart
4. Board of Directors/Advisors
5. Consultants/Specialists
6. Management to Be Added
7. Management Style/Corporate Culture


Someone identified with the responsibility of covering the following:


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