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ROBO Stair Case

12 Feb 2016
ITM Universe , Vadodara

ROBO Stair Case


Wireless Remote

About Event

  • Build a wireless robot which can climb up, down as well as able to run on the specified staircase. The track is designed to test the maneuvering skills and optimization of speed and torque simultaneously.


  • The robot should have enough dimensions that can fit and travel through stair case as specified above.
  • The maximum weight of the Robo-Vehicle should be limited to 5 kg.
  • The power supply, provided should be maximum up to 30V DC and Mounting of the battery should be on the robot.
  • The robot must be wireless controlled and, it should be incorporated with Duel frequency ¬†& DIP switches to avoid jamming.
  • The robot must not be any ready-made assembly kits.
  • The robot CANNOT use gas or chemicals as a source of energy.
  • Robot containing the pneumatics and extra mechanisms is allowed.

Rules and Regulations

  • Maximum 4 members will be allowed per team.
  • Robo should be as per the given specifications.
  • For successfully completion of the event additional rounds may be organized.
  • The rules regarding the number of hand touches, penalties, etc will be declared on the day of event itself.
  • There are different rounds and during the rounds the robo losses the track then there may be allowed to take hand touches. The robot must start the course again from the previous checkpoint/start point.
  • Participating teams are responsible for the safety of their robots and are liable for any accidents caused by team members and robot.
  • Judge’s decision will be considered final.
  • Any deviation from the mentioned specifications will lead to disqualification.

*Rules may subject to change.

Contact Details

  1. Pritesh Kukadia- M: 7359764914
  2. Hitendra Joshi- M: 9824146961

Track Design


IMG_20160208_114119 IMG_20160208_114148