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Robo Race

More Speed, More Power Minimum Time”
ITM Universe , Vadodara

Robo Race


Wireless Remote

About Event

  • The objective of this contest is to complete the off road track in the shortest period of time that’s why this race is known as
    “More Speed, More Power Minimum Time”


  • The maximum dimension of the robot can be 60cm x 60cm x 60cm (l x b x h)
  • The maximum weight of the Robo-Vehicle should be limited to 50 kg.
  • The power supply, provided should be maximum up to 36V DC and Mounting of the battery should be on the robot.
  • The robots are ether wire controlled or wireless controlled, if wireless controlled then it should be incorporated with Multi frequency devices or DIP switches to avoid jamming.
  • Width of the track is 10ft (Approx) for 2 robots at a time.
  • Length of the track is @ 500 mtr.(Approx)
  • Readymade toys car (Robots) are not allowed.

Rules and Regulations

  • There are 2 laps in race.
  • Maximum 4 members will be allowed per team.
  • Robots should be as per the given specifications.
  • Robots who finish the given track in minimum time will be the winner.
  • In case of a tie additional laps run may be organized.
  • Two Hand touch are allowed during the race.
  • No U-Turns and reverse are allowed during the race.
  • Ramming of robots during the race is not allowed.
  • Participating teams are responsible for the safety of their robots and are liable
  • for any accidents caused by team members and robot.
  • Decision of the Judge will be considered as final.


*Rules may subject to change.



Contact Details

  • Samarth Bhaduwala (T.L.) (Asst. Prof. Mechanical Department)  Contact No.-+91 80000 89883