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About Event

Participant will produce real time digital solutions for smart city related problems.

Rules and Regulations

1) Maximum 4 and minimum 2 participants are allowed in a group/team. Any college student can participate in the event. Members of a team must be from same college, although department can be different.
2) Each team will be assigned one distinct alphabet and team may have unique name chosen by them.
3) Participants are expected to get his/her own laptop along with the required hardware. If possible, keep one extra laptop per team to avoid last minute failures.
4) In case team requires hardware and/or software resources from the organizers, they need to inform the organizers before 20 days of the event. If you need a computer, then desktop will be provided.
5) Internet connectivity will be provided at the venue. It is recommended that teams come with systems preinstalled with required tools and softwares, so that dependency on internet could be minimized.
6) If network connectivity is an integral part of solution’s requirement then it is recommended to get your own 3G Dongles, hotspots to avoid last minute issues.
7) As team members are expected to work in collaboration, team should bring a pen drive or network cables (CAT5) to transfer data from one laptop to another.
8) If teams are bringing any prototype’s hardware kits required to display your solution then they should make sure they are in working condition and fully tested before the actual competition.
9) Participant can discuss with members of other team.
10) Participants have to remain in college premises until event completes.
11) As this is an overnight event, participants can go to take rest, to get fresh or to take bath. These facilities will be provided within college premises/hostel.
12) If participant needs accommodation facility, he/she has to inform while doing registration.
13) If participant misbehaves with coordinators/volunteer/other team’s member, he/she will be disqualified from event.
14) You will be given list of problems related to smart city. One team has to work only on one topic.
15) Participants have to report before 9:30 am on the day of event.
16) Decision of organizers will be final in case of discrepancy.
*Rules may subject to change.
Total duration of event is: 30 hours
• Duration for working on problem: 10 am to next day 10 am (24 hours- over night)
• Duration for evaluation of results by judges: 6 hours (10 am to 4 pm)

Contact Details

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