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About Event

Participant has to produce real time digital solution based on theme- Good Governance. Specific topics or problems according to theme will be given at the time of event. It is a 30-hours continuous and overnight event starting from 10 am on Thursday 7th February, 2019 to 4 pm on Friday 8th February, 2019. Event will be held in a computer laboratory.

Rules and Regulations

  • It is a single round event.
  • Maximum 4 and minimum 2 participants are allowed in a group/team.
  • Any college student can participate in the event. Members of a team must be from same college, although department can be different.
  • Participants have to bring their own laptop (at least one laptop per team). If possible, keep one extra laptop per team to avoid last minute failures.
  • Participants have to bring their own hardware (like Arduino processor, different sensors etc) if they need it as a part of solution.
  • Internet facility with 50 Mbps speed will be provided at the venue. It is recommended that teams come with systems preinstalled with required tools and software, so that dependency on internet could be minimized.
  • If network connectivity is an integral part of solution’s requirement then it is recommended to bring your own 3G Dongles, hotspots to avoid last minute issues.
  • Participant can discuss with members of other team.
  • Participants have to remain in college premises from starting to end of the event, otherwise team will be disqualified.
  • If participant needs accommodation facility, he/she has to inform at the time of online/offline registration. Without requisition of accommodation, it will not be provided.
  • If participant misbehaves with coordinators/volunteer/other team’s member, he/she will be disqualified from event.
  • Solution of a team will be judged based on following parameter:
            i) Beneficiary
           ii) Overall idea
           iii) Design/Implementation
           iv) Cost effectiveness
           v) Innovation
Final Decision of winners will be taken by Judges, not by coordinators.
     *Rules may subject to change.

Contact Details

Nilesh Parmar

Email :

M : 9724346729


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