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Follow Me – Roger that ! (Line Follower)

Be an innovator and walk on the lines of change
09 Feb 2017
ITM Universe , Vadodara

Follow Me – Roger that ! (Line Follower)


Wireless Remote

About Event

The objective of this contest is to complete the course in the shortest period of time while accurately tracking the course line from start to finish which follows the black markers on the white surface on the track.


  • The base of the arena is made up of white colour flex sheet with a black colour line to be followed on it.
  • The thickness of the black line will be 2.5 cm.
  • The arena of the simple line follower would be text of ITMU 2018.
  • Arena Specifications: 16 ft * 22 ft


  • The Robot must be strictly autonomous.
  • Robots must not use ready-made mechanisms, Lego kits, etc.
  • No major change in robot will be allowed after successful registration.
  • Sensors must be covered so outside light intensity problem will not be affected.
  • A power supply should be of maximum 12-15 V. The robot has to be internally powered.
  • The maximum dimensions of the base of the bot should be 25cm x 25cm x 25cm. A tolerance of 5% is allowed in the dimensions.

Weight should not exceed 3.5 kg.

Rules and Regulations

  • Any damage caused to the arena at any point of time will lead to disqualification / penalty.
  • A sample arena will be available for calibration and it will be calibrated before event will start.
  • The Robot has to follow the black line on white background and complete the track in least possible time.
  • The robot should follow the line accurately. If the robot deviates from the line, contestants are allowed to keep the robot manually in its right direction by consider hand touch penalty.
  • Event Managers and Coordinators reserve the right to ask for explanation about the robot at any time during the event.
  • We reserve the right at any time and in our sole discretion to make changes to rules and regulations without prior notice.
  • In case of any disputes the organizers decision will be final and binding

Track Design


F1 F3 F2


Contact Details

  1. Mr. Sunil Malival (Asst. Prof. EE Department)

No:-Contact No.-9427484802