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Code-E-Thon ( Programming)

09 Feb 2017
ITM Universe , Vadodara

Code-E-Thon ( Programming)

About Event

  • This event is for checking bugs and finding solution to problems in C++ and Java. It will test the logical, conceptual and implementation skills of the participants.

Rules and Regulations


  • This is a team event.
  • Only 2 members should be there in team.
  • The programming language given will be C++ and Java.
  • Phase 1 will be on Paper Round (MCQ and Error Finding).
  • You will be provided with Ubuntu and Hacker Rank for Phase 2.
  • In all rounds, questions have to be answered in the stipulated time.
  • Use of Internet is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of language related study materials are strictly prohibited.
  • Use of mobile phones or other electronic media will not be permitted.
  • Any kind of unfair means will lead to disqualification.
  • Judge’s decision will be considered final.

*Rules may subject to change.

Contact Details

  • Praibha Sharma (Asst. Prof. Computer Department)    Contact No.- 8347469779