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Clear the Table

09 Feb 2017
ITM Universe

Clear the Table


Wireless Remote

About Event

  • Build a wired or remote controlled (RC) robot which can travel in all terrain, clear the maze, place the ball at appropriate place and reach to the goal. The track is designed to test the maneuvering skills and optimization of speed and torque simultaneously.


  • The maximum dimensions of robot can be 30x30x30 (lxbxh) cm.
  • The robot may be either wired or wireless.
  • The electrical voltage anywhere in the robot should not be more than 24V (summation of all batteries should not be more then 24V) at any point of time.
  • Robot weight should not exceed 5 Kg.
  • The robot must not be made from Lego parts or any ready-made assembly kits. Judging for the same will be strict and the contestant will be IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED if any violation is found.
  • Sticker having robot name should be clearly visible on the body of the robot.
  • A team should bring their own extra batteries to avoid inconvenience.
  • The power supply may or may not be on board. External supply will not be provided by the organizers.
  • The robot must use only electric power as the source of energy for driving itself. The robot CANNOT use fuels or chemicals as a source of energy.
  • Robot containing the pneumatics and extra mechanisms is allowed.
  • No robot should cause any damage to the arena. If any robot is found doing so, the team shall be directly disqualified.

Rules and Regulations

  • Each team can have maximum 4 members. Students from different departments of same institutions can form a team.
  • Teams should submit their remote before the event starts.
  • Number of members allowed in the ring:
  • 1 member for controlling RC robot.
  • 2 members for wired robot.
  • The robot will be inspected by the judges before the participants are allowed to race and the decision regarding the compliance of the robot with the specifications shall be solely in the hands of the judges.
  • Spirit of healthy competition should be maintained by all teams, violation of which will lead to IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.

*Rules may subject to change.

Contact Details

  • Pritesh Kukadia

M: 09558231534   Email:

Track Design

Track :-